Customized Mobile Apps For A Better Business

Every business can benefit from custom software applications, regardless of the service or product it offers. However, if you are a small business, spending your budget on the right applications is absolutely essential.

Smartphone users spend 89 percent of their mobile time using an app. Compared to traditional websites, apps are more immediate and allow businesses to communicate with potential customers in an innovative and customized manner. Mobile apps can let users set up their preferences at the start, based on which users can be served with appropriate customized content.

Apps meet people’s need to access products and services right away and wherever they are, thus enhancing the effectiveness of marketing activities. What companies and customers value the most is the app’s ability to convert an interest into an action in just a few clicks: not surprisingly, the top used apps are E-commerce apps, followed by those related to media and entertainment.

If used in a substantial and strategic manner, apps lead to an undeniable growth in business and more engagement with customers or, with an additional option to pay directly for the brand’s products. It is a great tool, well worth the investment.

Apps can also track and observe user engagement, and use it to offer custom recommendations and updates to the users. Furthermore, they can also identify location of the users in real-time to provide geography-specific content. That’s why it is possible to create targeted advertising campaigns for products or services that are in demand in a certain area. You’ll certainly get more customers this way when offering your product to those in the right place at the right time.

A way to increase your business with an app is through offering users added value, in terms of convenience, comfort or exclusive benefits. Make those who use your app feel like a member of an exclusive club: send previews of new products and offer special discounts. Consumers will appreciate and will reciprocate by making purchases.

An app is a direct and effective channel to retain your customers. Every loyal customer means a regular purchase, therefore a guaranteed profit. An app should be created not only as an additional tool but as a fundamental part of the consumers’ experience.

Ultimately, most custom apps have a positive impact on the bottom line. Sixty percent of businesses using custom apps have seen a return on investment, according to a recent study. Other perks include reduced data entry errors (71 percent), an 84 percent reduction in inefficient tasks, and improved field and customer service delivery (63 percent). Plus, they support mobile work styles. Nearly half of all custom apps (49 percent) are used on an iPhone or iPad.

ARK Solutions custom web applications are not only scalable to your business size, but are tailor-made to your specifications. Our software is also built for integration with other systems, to centralise your data and can be accessed by staff anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Contact us today, for a free consultation.